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1. Why choose Majeza Jewelry Cleaner?

This cleaner is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, does not contain ammonia acid or abrasives, it is the safest cleaning source.

2. Is Majeza safe for any type or jewelry?

Yes, feel free to clean any type of metal, gem stones and also costume jewelry. Pearls and opals: this stones should be treated with special care; you must avoid chemicals, heat, intense dry conditions or any impact.

3. Does Majeza Jewelry Cleaning have other uses?

Use it on eye glasses, sun glasses, plastic lenses, bathroom mirrors, CD’s and crystals.

4. How often can I clean my jewelry?

Any time is good to clean jewelry! Use it every day if you desired, but the shine last long time and we just recommend to clean every two weeks, also you don’t have to use the cloth every time, only when scratches appear again.

5. What is the difference between the Miracle Cloth and a regular polish cloth

This cloth is for any type of metals, not just for silver and it removes scratches and tarnish at the same time.

6. Do I need to apply the jewelry cleaner on the cloth?

No, the Miracle Cloth is ready for immediate use. Requires no wetting. All surfaces must be dry.

7. Why the Miracle Cloth turns black?

It is only a natural reaction between the metal and the coconut oil, discoloration of the cloth does not in any way affect its efficiency.

8. Is the Miracle Cloth safe for costume and platted jewelry?

No the miracle cloth is just for solid metals, platted or costume jewerly  should be cleaned with Majeza Jewerly Cleaner only.

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